You wanna talk to someone?

Talktome.Online What's that?

Very simple: Why should you talk to someone you don't know yet?

I'd like to explain the concept.

Why should you actually talk to a person you don't know or you still don't know yet?

Obviously a person (you) could have several reasons to want or need to talk to an unknown person or even stranger.
One of the good reasons could be, that within your close environment you couldn't find an appropriate, unknown and or independent person to talk to, about a certain topic highly or not important to you.
There is an communication urge present but no adequate person to talk to. 
So then why should you choose a distant person to communicate with?
An unknown person is exactly that: Independent and neutral to the situation you’re at. So that person (listener) can quite easily create an independent opinion about your particular (story). We also say one is building an opinion by creating it. Creation or building an objective opinion needs work, patience attention and constant professional listening to name just a few for the moment. Later I’ll write more about it.
This neutral opinion that a good listener then created is often very valuable because there is no direct emotional link connected, to either a relevant topic or person involved or connected within the field or area of the story you tell.
So it comes that in this or any society we have several people, professionals, offerers and as I would like to call them here “friends of talk or exchange”, that “give” or “set available” their time, erergy or knowledge.
Within those we have very professional “friends of talk”. And because the coin always has two sides, we as well have "others", also those that maybe won’t listen as well to any story. They arrange themselves probably much better as a talker or an entertainer, not so much as a listener though.
This fact is totally normal and good the way it is. Because as we know, each single one of us has it’s proper individual preferences and abilities. One is a good listener by nature and one might prefer to listen to him- or herself. But I’ll continue about this in an separate article later on.

The four columns of Talk -

I can describe and have found these four principal areas of talk, categories or possibilities. I'd like to define them here as "The 4 Columns of Talk". When I talk to people or communicate with "my" self I've found again and again that a conversation will take place within one or several of these four columns. 

  • Private / Personal
  • Professional / Business
  • Fun / Leisure / Happiness
  • Serious / Severe

Communication of all kinds take place

Reach us and tell us what moves you or just listen if you'd rather be in that position.
Here, both is possible. You listen or talk. Where as we believe that a good listener is quite rare out there. TALK & LISTEN


I must tell you that the original text was written in German. So it's based on the German mind-set and mentality. The term "Indie-Talk" is or was not as common some years ago. Or at some peoples mind it still not is a common phrase. Now if you'd still like to read what I wrote, you're very welcome. Indie-Talk