Indie-Talk? What's that again?

These words or terms were somewhat mysterious in my head, so I've done some research. 

And here you'll find my overview plus summery. Intuitively I had the right meaning within my body as it seems. If the term "Indie" actually suits me, I can't tell yet. Since it's quite new to me I must let it sink into me for a while.

Movement Indie-Talk What's that? some Chinese for you to study 独立自主

OK, here I'll start my little translation. (Remember, original text translated from German)

I did some research on the German Internet but couldn't get much valuable information out. So I switched back to English and got some interpretation of the term Indie-Talk. Farther this fact shows me how the internet is more and more bound to IP-addresses and regional search-results, countries and areas or topics. Thousands and hundreds of thousands of hands are typing every moment. No, not every second. Every possible moment you can think of. I don't know if we can actually define this with mathematical probabilities. 

Ok, let's go. Indie-Talk

If you think about music, we might figure that indie is a type of music. Rock? Maybe in the beginning it sounded something like "alternative" Later it became more weird and experimental.

Another meaning can be: Indie = Independent. 

Translation fallows within the coming days... please be patient.

Communication of all kinds take place

Reach us and tell us what moves you or just listen if you'd rather be in that position.
Here, both is possible. You listen or talk. Where as we believe that a good listener is quite rare out there. TALK & LISTEN


I must tell you that the original text was written in German. So it's based on the German mind-set and mentality. The term "Indie-Talk" is or was not as common some years ago. Or at some peoples mind it still not is a common phrase. Now if you'd still like to read what I wrote, you're very welcome. Indie-Talk